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Lou and Rich's Stunning Summer Wedding!

Wow what an amazing few weeks it has been! The sun really hasn't stopped shining has it! I love England when it is like this, everybody is just so much happier! Especially with how England are playing in the world cup too! Don't want to jinx it though!

On the 23rd June, the lovely Louise and Rich tied the knot! I've known the couple quite a long time now as my boyfriend's sister Abbie is one of Louise's best friends! It's always nice photographing a couple that you know really well, some say that it's more pressure, I just think it's more fun!

The whole day was really lovely, the venue was great too.. It was at The Tythe Barn in Launton, just outside of Bicester.

The flowers were done by a lady called Bev who is wonderful, her company is called Scent with Love - flowers and beauty.

Make up of the bride was done by Abbie, who was one of the bridesmaids. Here is a link to her website:

Hair was done by Samantha Probets. FB: Samantha Jane Hair

Here's a small selection of photographs from the day!

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