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Gemma and Tom's Fantastic Farm Wedding

On Saturday I photographed Gemma and Tom's crazy farm wedding, it was an amazing day.

Being at a church and then on a farm I feel that you really get a wide variety of photographs.

I've photographed weddings on farm's before and they are just such fun. During the day the bride and groom climbed on hay bales, drove in a tractor and also me, Luke ( the videographer ) and Gemma and Tom went on what we called a farm safari haha! Below you will see what happened to the car when we got out!

Everyone at the wedding was just so friendly and made me feel so welcome.

The day ended for me with the most beautiful sunset, however the day ended for them with the most beautiful sunrise.. yes they did stay up till 5am! Crazy people!

Gemma sent me a lovely testimonial..

'' We couldn't recommend Megan highly enough! What an incredible day we had! From the moment she stepped into the house, she introduced herself to everyone and by the end of the day she was everybody's friend. At no point of the day did we feel uncomfortable with having our photo taken and she really did make us feel at ease. We were even trying to convince her to stay after to celebrate too, in which after 12 hours of taking photos- I don't blame her for wanting to go home! I CANNOT wait to see the rest of the photos, the few that Megan has already showed us are really really AMAZING!

Here's a selection of more images that I think tell the day well..

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