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Yes, it's a gloomy, cold, dark, wet Monday, however, I hope you're all still feeling the love from Valentine's last Wednesday.

I hope the roses are still bright red and blooming, and you still have some chocolates in the cupboard to cheer you up.

Last Monday, it was due to be a nice afternoon/evening, so what better opportunity to drive to one of my favourite places and take some photographs!

I called my friends and they were keen to help me. We drove all the way to Stowe and spent an hour in the late afternoon sun with a camera - my favourite thing to do!

It was a great shoot for me, because as part of one of my packages for this year's weddings I am including a pre-wedding/engagement shoot, so it was perfect for me to practise and also add a few images to my portfolio for future brides and grooms to see.

Tyler and Liam got stopped multiple times on the shoot asking all about their wedding and congratulating them, one man also started to give Liam advice, we didn't like to say that they weren't getting married and we were just practising!

Anyway, it was a lovely afternoon in the sunshine and I am super pleased with the results.

Please get in contact if you're engaged and planning your special day, I'd love to be a part of it!

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