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Hello everyone,

Let me introduce myself, my name is Meg and I'm a upstarting photographer in the area of Chinnor/Aylesbury. I went to Henley College and studied photography as an A-level back in 2014 and I realised that photography is what I wanted to do. After achieving an A in my exam, I had to decide what was going to come next.

After a lot of discussing about whether or not I should go to UNI to do photography I came up with a slightly different route plan. LETS MOVE SOMEWHERE SUNNY! After lots of planning and Skype calls I got a job in Mexico working in a beautiful 5 diamond resort ( Secrets Maroma, check it out it's amazing!). I packed my bags and left at the age of just 19. In Mexico I was photographing Weddings every single week, it was an incredible experience and I learnt so much, not just about photography but about myself too. I even featured in the well known Cosmopoiltan Magazine for having the 'dream job'. I spent 9 months out there and then I sadly decided it was time to come home. I'd had enough sun (IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!) or maybe I had just missed all my family and friends!

On my return journey I got in Contact with a photographer who I did my work experience with when I was in just year 10, luckily and thankfully he made a position for me in the company where I worked alongside him for just over 3 years. Whilst working there I learnt a lot of new skills, not just photography skills but also became much more experienced in Photoshop and In-design.

After 3 years here I am, in the big scary world of being self employed but my goodness it's worth it! I thought I would start a blog to add to my website as I always think it's a nice thing to read on photographers sites. It's just a weekly/monthly update of where they are and what sort of things they have been up too, and just another excuse to share more photos with you all! :)

So lets start here with January 2018. What could of been a very quiet and silly time to start a business, however it seems to be going just fine at the moment! Please keep messaging me with any enquiries you may have it's been great just to speak to a lot of new people and hear what is going on and what people would like photographed.

I will try to attach photographs to all my blogs as at the end of the day it's the pictures you're all interested in, not just me rambling on! This is a shoot I did over the weekend of The wonderful Spackman Family. Emily, Marc, Bryce (9 days old!!) and of course Otto the little sausage dog who didn't want to be left out of the photo session!

Hope you've enjoyed this post and the pics, let me know if I should carry on!

Meg xx

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